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E-commerce website online store

E-commerce Website is a commercial site - Advertising and Marketing, publishes approximately - 90 international companies on the site which runs through e-commerce Website (2014) Ltd. (hereinafter: "e-comwebsite).

The site provides information and links to perform product and products from many countries around the world, and allows buyers from Israel to import information without taxes (75 $) and / or reduced import duties and / or at reduced prices abroad as set out in the tax regulations on the website of the Tax Authority.


Tax Authority's rules state that: * "shipping container of goods whose total value up to $ 75 are exempt from paying taxes altogether," it was determined in personal imports by parcel post or courier company that appears on the tax authority. Attached to personal importation Link Directory - 



Personal imports by definition in - "Personal Import" - "a reasonable amount of goods for personal use or gift giving." 

"The exemption does not apply to tobacco products, alcohol and alcoholic beverages." 



Also published on the Product cost of $75 - $500 which some have and some VAT tax and buy more expensive products and tax thereon in accordance with the tax authority.

In this regard it is recommended to review the rates set forth by the tax authority. 





This website is a promotional marketing, and advertising is only a product abroad which it publishes and / or a link to their sites - such as newspaper advertising, and is not a party to a transaction of purchase, since it is a personal import "for personal use or gift giving," for the purpose of the existence of the exemption or The tax benefit. 

Product in question was purchased from abroad or publication of such product, when the purchase is made in front of its website and the site overseas, therefore accepts no responsibility, directly or indirectly, on to business trading arena site and / or e-commerce website company that operates the same as they are not a party to the sale transaction, as published on this stage only products marketed by AMAZON American electronic commerce company and in accordance with her agreement, AMAZON is a company listed on the market value of 151.3 billion (as of 19/06/2014). 

Other products will be published by other companies and are advised to check their identity and check the prices before purchasing. 

It is recommended to read the site rules which are carried out on the data acquisition and marketing company, is also recommended to conduct a survey before purchase price. 

Product will be published on the site also marketed in Israel and / or links to websites and Israelis in the same way the deal has been done there in front of his site marketer, therefore accepts no responsibility, directly or indirectly, on to business trading arena site and / or e-commerce website company and they are not a party to the sale transaction , but only causes an advertiser, and such acquisition may also want to read the Terms & Conditions which an acquisition and Corporate markets. 

Using this site constitutes acceptance of the rules and regulations constitutes a legal agreement google sites, wix and - Amazon or site where the purchase is carried out, above and beyond the terms of the agreement when you purchase the site where the purchase is made. 


Since the site has a translation of the technical terms of products and their components or their attributes may not be accurate translations or advertising are not compatible with the English, and therefore it is clarified that the authoritative text is the famous English by the reseller, site acquisition and also the existence in stock price at the time of purchase. 


It should be noted that due to updates price during the day variance and multiple products may change the product price AMAZON which may not be updated in parallel database but only the link of the product on the product page that is automatically updated, changes are that could also be down, ie a discounted price of the product, up to date profile link of intercalated product on the product page down on the left and the category page (eg watches) English product link card which is automatically updated. 

In any case, it is clarified that the settlement price is the price at AMAZON reseller site or general advertising and e-commerce site is only advertising, such as newspaper. 


As well as to the product in stock, it is possible that the site AMAZON product out of stock and it has not yet updated this site because of the many products and various Project site during the day so that AMAZON will in this situation when you click on a link and purchase over the AMAZON site. 


Also, make sure the tax authority for tax exemption or tax charging product before purchase and the Post Office delivery conditions brought and / or release of the goods.


Postal Authority provides customs brokerage services fee and brought directly to the door as defined in the details, see: 



If you do not want to release the products imported by the Postal Authority, must be notified in advance before the arrival of the package fax: 03-6303374, form details, see the lower part of the link: 




Clarified and it is hereby agreed that this site contains dozens of products and may contain hundreds of products in the near future, the products of a AMAZON, which contains all the estimated tens of thousands of products and more that there are equivalent products or similar which are updated during the day different, and therefore have no claim in that case the the site or the company that operates it and you'll find similar products or even generally parallel to the same company if the product happens to a situation where out of stock. 




Emphasized that the exemption applies to the price of $ 75 includes the contents of including freight and insurance if there is, the price of the products above - $ 75 should be added to the price per freight and / or insurance of your choice when you purchase various sites VAT rate of 18%, and taxes in some cases - when it is noted that there is a details page products by subject and reference table of the tax authority, and the rates of taxation or reduced by the full amount of the total purchase and product type. saw a link for that matter - 


"Goods valued $ 500 $ -1,000 - and pay VAT, customs and purchase (if applicable). 

Goods valued over $ 1,000 or delivery of tobacco, cigarettes, alcohol, and liquor - and pay VAT, customs and purchase (if applicable) as paid by an importer, commercial imports, according to a fixed percentage of the customs tariff order. ". Attached link - 

Written about them in a personal import: "For your convenience taxes for each product was calculated to percentage of final and comprehensive appearing in the table of taxes gathered the link below, which is updated every week. Used table select the desired product appears in the left column and check out what percentage of tax which appears on the price range in which the value of the product. clarified that table is published for convenience only and clarification is not required; tax rate is the rate constant binding customs tariff order. ". Link attached below for your convenience: 



Other important clarifications as follows: 


"Goods value $ 500 $ -1000 - must pay VAT and, in customs and purchase tax (if applicable), as stipulated by the Customs Tariff order.


Applicable tax rate is calculated by the value of the package plus shipping and insurance fees if any. For example, the shoes valued between $ 480 1,000 $ height shall apply to taxes totaling 32.2%.


For your convenience, taxes on imported products often personal imports were calculated to grab final and comprehensive tax table appears concentrated at the following link, which is updated every week. There is a table used to select the desired product appears in the left column and check out what percentage of the tax appears on the price range in which the value of the product. It is clarified that the table is published for convenience and clarification only and is not binding, the tax rate is the rate constant binding customs tariff order. ".



* It is the full version of the guide personal imports, the tax authority site that is attached to its link above. 



The court agreed to discuss is the district court in Tel Aviv in front of the company e-commerce site.









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